Data Science towards Healthcare!

This is a curated list from my knowledge on the subject and an additional scan around the internet for the trusted information. I have provided the links to help deep dive further around the specific applications.

1- IBM Watson Health – This is the most advanced application of IBM’s Watson system. The product feature list says “Identify, evaluate and compare treatment options with Watson’s ability to understand the longitudinal medical record and apply its oncology training to each unique patient case.”

This has been deployed in several hospitals globally. Refer to IBM’s webpage to get details on the kind of cases this has helped solve.

There are several other work where Watson is impacting in the IBM Watson Health – Life Sciences Solutions

2 – Genomic Research – Enabling Genomic Analysis on large scale of data in the category of Big Data Analytics space. Providing the backbone for precision medicine by unifying research & clinical silos. Watch the video on these usecase here Big Data processing & Medicine – A Use Case Presentation

3 – Hospital quality and patient safety in the ICU – The focus is on integrating bedside medical device data into sensitive algorithms that detect plummeting vital signs hours before humans have a clue.

4 – Population health management, risk stratification, and prevention

Healthcare predictive analytics help with proactive care towards their patients’ needs. “Targeting patients based on their past behaviors can help to predict future events, such as a diabetic ending up in the emergency room because he did not refill his medication

5 – Reducing hospital readmission be doing preventive care

This is a good set of commonly known applications compiled on Kaggle for different industries and has a reasonable collection of Healthcare domain.

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